How To Buy

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Step 1

Go to “Shop” section and simply choose any product you like to order. Once you at the product section, you need to view the product detail and read carefully the details.

Buy Merve

Step 2

Some product has multi option. You need to choose one for the option.

For example, FCF Code: #001: Light. After you done select the option, Click at Add to Cart button to add order.

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Step 3

After you make an order, you will be bring to cart section. At here, you can add discount coupon if you have and you also need to calculate your state area for shipping cost. Simply put your state and click Update Total and our server will automate generated your shipping cost.

At here also, you will provide with GST cost. After you finish calculate the shipping cost, click Proceed to Checkout to go to payment section.

Buy Merve

Step 4

At here, you need to fill all the empty space provided. Please fill in the correct information to avoid your order from not arrived. If you are a new customer, you will need to register at our website first.

Your email will automatically generated as a login username and you need to insert your login password. Once you done, please proceed to payment by click at Proceed to Checkout.

Buy Merve

Step 5

At Merve Malaysia, we using SenangPay for payment system. You need to provide your contact information and choose 2 type of payment option. Credit Card/Debit Card or using FPX (online banking).

Usually customer will using FPX and at here you can choose any bank you use to make a payment. For Example Maybank2u. After you make a payment, you will receive order information at your email.




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